City of Women Honorees

Cultural Custodian

Lucy Hampton Bostick

Lucy Hampton Bostick was instrumental in establishing and growing the infrastructure of the Richland County Public Library as Chief Librarian for almost forty years.
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Health Care Activist

Matilda Arabella Evans, M.D.

Matilda Arabella Evans was the first licensed woman physician in South Carolina and provided access to free health care for several generations of African Americans in the early twentieth century.
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Holocaust Memorializer

Lilly Stern Filler, M.D.

Lilly Filler organized the South Carolina Holocaust Memorial, established the Columbia Holocaust Education Commission, and is the Chair of the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust.
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Shining a Light on Courage

Sarah Mae Flemming

Flemming took brave action almost a year before Rosa Parks would become famous for refusing to give up her bus seat.
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LGBTQ Community Activist

Harriet Daniels Hancock

Harriet Hancock is a pioneer LGBTQ activist in South Carolina. In her distinguished career as an attorney, she prioritized legal work for LGBTQ rights.
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Legal Trailblazer

Sarah Elizabeth Leverette

Sarah Elizabeth Leverette was the first woman faculty member at the University of South Carolina Law School and led the Law Library for twenty five years.
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S.C.'s First Women Suffragists

Rollin Sisters

Frances, Charlotte, and Katherine Rollin were among the first women suffragists in South Carolina during the Reconstruction era.
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Extraordinary Educator

Celia Dial Saxon

Celia Dial Saxon was one of the first African American students to attend the University of South Carolina during the Reconstruction era.
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Mother of S.C. Civil Rights

Modjeska Monteith Simkins

Modjeska Monteith Simkins was one of the nation’s leading civil rights activists of the twentieth century. Her activism extended to health care, social justice and human rights.
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Coaching Champions

Dawn Staley

Dawn Staley is the Head Coach for the University of South Carolina’s Women’s Basketball team and is one of the nation’s leading coaches in college athletics.
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Charleston Renaissance Artist

Anna Heyward Taylor

Anna Heyward Taylor was one of South Carolina’s most celebrated visual artists. Her artwork was one of the first gallery collections exhibited at the Columbia Museum of Art.
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Legal Scholar

Jean Hoefer Toal

Jean Toal is the first woman elected to be an Associate Justice on the South Carolina Supreme Court and is the first woman to serve as the court’s Chief Justice.
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