Make a Nomination

The Importance of Celebrating Women 

We're thrilled that you're excited about our initiative, and we want to hear about remarkable women in Columbia that you'd like to honor with a place on the City of Women map. We're amazed by the incredible women in our city - past and present - and we believe that the more we celebrate women, the more we empower one another, break down barriers, and enhance possibilities for women. Our map is a starting piece that's meant to honor women, encourage conversations about other inspiring women, and undo the subtle, often subliminal, messages we absorb about who has power and deserves to be recognized.  

While we highlight the achievements of specific women in Columbia, the ultimate goal of our work is to encourage women, young girls, and everyone in the state to share stories about the many strong, courageous, and driven women in their lives. 

Nomination Criteria 

We select honorees who have made a significant and lasting impact on the lives of women and families in Columbia. We aim to highlight women who embody the following criteria. 

  • Help others thrive 
    Women who’ve enhanced the strength, knowledge, and well-being of others. 
  • Push boundaries & create opportunities 
    Women who’ve advocated for change, persisted against the odds, and created new opportunities for themselves and others. 
  • Stand up for others 
    Women who’ve spoken out against injustice, fought to protect the vulnerable, and empowered others to be courageous.
  • Lead the charge
    Women who’ve committed to a cause, inspired others to take action, and made Columbia better. 
  • Create beauty & strengthen culture
    Women who’ve shaped art and culture, spurred imaginations, and encouraged new perspectives. 

Nomination Process & Form

We hope this information helps you understand our nomination and selection criteria. We are currently accepting nominations through the following online form. We will review submissions later this year as we plan to name honorees for 2020. Please know we value your input, we're grateful for your nominee story, and we'll be in touch.